Thursday, February 21, 2008

1892, Chinese in Prescott, Arizona?

In 1892, all Chinese in the United States of America, were to be documented. Hence Chas Jan Wann was documented, papers filed in the state of New Mexico on Feb. 27,1894.That was before Arizona became one of the states of the United States!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memories of Bob Swenson, 1918—2007:

Memories of Bob Swenson, 1918—2007: Comment by Rosemary Brogan, Cabrillo faculty member

..."I received one of his precious notes, congratulating me on job well done. Bob to me embodies what it means to be be dedicated to student success which is what Cabrillo is all about."...

Memories of Bob Swenson, 1918—2007: Comment by Juliana Cheng, alum

I received a diploma dated June 8th,1977, signed by Dr.Robert Swenson and other educators. I was so nervous that Dr. Swenson gave me a hug of comfort, an indication of OK to be late to the ceremony for I was running an experiment in the Organic Chemistry Lab.

Besides the slides and heroic stories about Dr. Swenson told by Historian Sandy Lydon in his local history classess at Cabrillo College.The next time that I had a peek of Dr. Swenson in person, was from the top of the stairsway on the second floor looking down to the lobby area at the local hospital. The dedication ceremony of the "donations-tree", I think, was held sometime between July 1989 and June 2000 when I was a part time per-dime employee in the Food Services Department.

I had the opportunity to walk back down the path to the frailing Dr. Swenson who was holding himself up with the assistant of a walker. He was looking out the glass doors of the entrance to the assist living place where he just moved into. I regret that I did not walk back in to say hello to him on that day in 2006 after I had a visit with one of the clients who was also new to the same section of the assist-living-building. Should I had gone back into the building to talk to him, he could have continue with the June 8th 1977 ceremony at Cabrillo which I missed most of it, or better yet, he might help me to get a paid position at Cabrillo so I don't need to have so many low level part time jobs which I am currently hanging onto since the lost of the full time interpretation job in Chinese on March 1st of 2004 after two years seven months of service!